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Pass Plus

A Pass Plus course is designed to be taken after your driving test and aims to help you become a more safer and confident driver on the road by encountering situations which you will not have come across on your driving lessons. New drivers lack experience and this is a big course of road accidents caused by human error. Taking a Pass Plus course allows you to gain experience in situations such as motorway driving so that you are prepared and more experienced on the road.
Anyone that holds a full UK driving licence is able to take a Pass Plus course but it is mainly designed for younger and new drivers. There is no test in a Pass Plus course and instead you will be trained and assessed by your driving instructor. A Pass Plus Course contains six modules and these are :

Motorway Driving
Night Driving
All Weather Driving
Rural Roads
Dual Carridgeways
In Town Driving
As well as improving your driving, the main advantage of taking a Pass Plus course is that you can often get discounted car insurance. We charge £150 per Pass Plus course.

Pass Plus Info:

Pass Plus costs £150

At Style Driving we charge £150 for a six hour full Pass Plus course

6 Modules

There are six modules in Pass Plus. These are:
driving in town
driving different weather
driving on rural roads
driving at night time
driving on dual carriageways
driving on motorways

Why Pass Plus ?

Statistics show that new drivers are far more likely to be involved in an accident due to their lack of experience in situations such as motorways.

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