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  • What Do I Need To Start My Driving Lessons ?

    You Currently need to be atlest 17 years of age and hold a provisional driving licence to start learning to drive. You can obtain your provisional driving licence online or by picking up a D1 form from a post office. The current cost of a provisional driving licence is £50.
  • How Many Lessons Will I Need ?

    It is hard to say how many lessons you will need as everybody requires a different amount of lessons to pass their test. The amount of driving lessons you will need will largey depend on your ability to learn to drive and how often you learn to drive.
  • When Can I Start My Driving Lessons ?

    You can start your driving lessons whenever you like. We aim to be flexible to suit your driving lessons around times that you want and locations that suit you.
  • Can I Block Book My Lessons ?

    Yes, We currently do 11 driving lessons for £180.
  • Can I Start Driving Lessons Before Passing My Theory Test ?

    Yes, you can start your driving lessons before you have passed your theory test. However you will need to pass your theory test before you can take your practical driving test. Your theory test will give you good knowledge which can be applied when driving on the road.
  • What Is Pass Plus ?

    You can take a Pass Plus course once you have passed your driving test. A Pass Plus course is 6 lessons of motorway driving to improve your driving skills and lower your insurance bills.
  • Do You Charge For Cancellations ?

    You must notify us at least 24 hours before your driving lesson to guarentee that no fee will be charged.
  • When I Pay For My Test Does This Cover All Charges ?

    No, the fee you pay for your test is the DSA fees for your driving test. You will need to pay your driving instructor for use of the car.
  • What Areas Do You Cover ?

    We cover Solihull and all surrounding areas.
  • What If I Fail My Test ?

    There is no need to worry if you fail your test, even with us some people do. You can simply book your test again and you will be able to benefit from the extra tuition.
  • Do You Sell Gift Vouchers ?

    Yes, our gift vouchers are a great idea for a christmas or birthday present. They are charged at standard lesson prices.